As per this Halloween’s costume choice I’m sketching new ideas for next year. That was the first Halloween party I’d been to and with seeing all the different female costumes, I believe the survey says I should go as a sexy cop! It worked for Penny to, as the Internet says, “get the D.” As for Sheldon, I think he should attend as an inmate to keep our costumes a theme.

loonylovesgood asked:
I'm so glad you're back! I missed seeing your updates on my dashboard.

Apologies for my absence! I’ve been plotting new ways for Sheldon to fall hopelessly in love with me, helping Penny with her schoolwork, basking in my Maid of Honor glory, and finding new women’s hygiene products! How exciting!

OOC: Oh and a quick announcement.

I’ll be returning to this blog! I may not post every single day, but now that the show is back on it’ll be easier to give you all some new content :) I hope you all will still enjoy what I have to offer and I hope you all survived the hiatus!


(I’m still the RPer, I’m just called a different name now.)

Update: My dandruff shampoo still doesn’t make my hair smell like tar!

Fowler, life is grand!

I haven’t the faintest idea why she said, “Oh, good.” I was sincerely hoping our conversation would escalate! 

Anonymous asked:
How do you respond to others saying that Sheldon deserves better than you?

I respond as such:

What is, is. Sheldon and I are involved in a relationship. I apologize if that doesn’t appeal to those people.

castleonahighhill asked:
Is a copy of the relationship agreement open for inspection? I may require a template for my own relationship agreement

I apologize, but the Relationship Agreement is only available for viewing by the girlfriend and the boyfriend. Though, you may be able to receive pieces when reading our blogs as Sheldon and I may refer to it in conversations between he and I.

nerdgirltotherescue asked:
hello i met you today! you were very smart and funny!

Did you? Ah, I am pleased to hear you were satisfied with our encounter!


I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been in an area where there isn’t wi-fi, and will be here for likely the whole summer. I’ve got a hold of an iPad though, so perhaps I’ll post more often now.

Thank you for sticking with me for the week I hadn’t been posting. And thank you for following in general, without you guys this wouldn’t be as much fun as it is :)